Kaytex belts was formed in 1970, by the Late Mr. A.K Joosub & Mrs H Joosub. The most amazing story behind this formation resulted from two people that believed in themselves & each other, but most of all. believed in public support. "A PRODUCT WELL TAILORED IS A PRODUCT WORTH PURCHASING" The only drive behind their success was motivation  self esteem & confidence. Their businesses operated from the same premises. Mr. Joosub was the frontline, a very friendly & famous general dealer at the rear end of the premises Mrs Joosub would merrily continue with her dressmaking chores.

Mr. Joosub was mechenically minded & Mrs Joosub extremely artistic, these two people realized that they had the potential of producing something that people all over the world use on a daily basis, something that one would always be able to change in style, cost colour, Brand & most important , quality. Despite Stringent financial conditions, every cent was invested in their belief, shortly thereafter Kaytex Belts started to flourish.

Positive Response and forthcoming orders lead to the self appointment of Mr Joosub as sales & production representative of the business, this included the cutting of leather by hand. Mrs. Joosub assisted in the cutting of the leather, & was responsible for glueing & handcrafting these belts. She would ensure perfection, quality & client satisfaction.

As we all know, behind every successful businessman/ business stands a women, and we are very proud of my mom being the "pillar of strength" & " driving Force" in my Late Dad's success. Without dad there would be no us, his sucess has allowed us to carry the business into the future, & for this we are unconditionally grateful & sincerely appreciative.

Violent crimes continue to punctuate the daily live s of all South Africans, with the concomitant effect on the economic growth & employment.

Despite these conditions, our company has once again increased its market penetration through the supply of quality products and a commitment of service by personnel.

The turnover has been growing at an average rate of 15% per annnum over the past ten years, and as projected, our turnover for the last financial year was R16 million.

We manufacture an average of 3000 belts per day and are comfortably able to double this, without having to recruit new staff or purchase additional machinery. Our products include, Men & Boys Genuine leather belts, PVC belts, knitted elastic belts, bonded leather belts, & braces. Our highly trained & efficient staff ensures top quality products & Service. We firmly believe that the corridors of oppotunity exist in the extendig our penetration of the domestic & international market.

( Above Left) The Late Mr. AK Joosub (Above Right)The strength of all pillars, Mrs H Joosub

The 2ND Generation
(Standing Left to Right) Mr. Ashraf Kader, Mr. Essop Kader, Mr. Mohamed Farouk Kader

The 3RD Generation
(Seated) Mr. Zahir Kader